• Solar & Pollinator Habitat

    How pollinators and solar arrays can work together to build a better tomorrow

Pollinator Habitats & Solar Arrays

As society looks for sustainable energy solutions, solar energy projects have become a reality in the Midwest and across the United States. Within solar arrays, a tremendous opportunity to create critical pollinator habitat awaits us. Prairie Restorations, Inc. is rapidly taking the lead in establishing pollinator habitats within solar arrays. We are adapting over 40 years of experience to the unique demands of solar sites to develop a formula that works.

Restored native pollinator habitats support bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies, and songbirds. Native prairie landscapes also provide improved infiltration, protecting adjacent wetlands and waterways. Establishing native habitat within arrays enhances the environmental benefit of solar projects.                                                

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Experts In The Field

Installing a pollinator-friendly native prairie on your solar site can increase public support, reducing the time it takes to receive necessary permits and begin site construction. 

Since 2009, Prairie Restorations, Inc. has installed thousands of acres with native vegetation within solar arrays. We begin by working with you create a site-specific custom installation and management plan. This customized plan includes local ecotype seed mixes customized to your needs, solar site-specific equipment, site preparation, and construction details. Additionally, Prairie Restorations, Inc. can complete solar pollinator score cards upon request.

With more than 45 years of native landscape installation experience, our dedicated solar operations and installation professionals bring expertise to your solar project.


Managing Native Landscapes In Solar Arrays

Prairie Restorations, Inc. has unmatched experience in the solar industry. Our company manages more than 5,000 acres of native landscapes in solar arrays and is insured in alignment with solar industry standards. As a full-service restoration company, we have the knowledge and experience to help with all facets of your project including design, installation and vegetation management. 


Prairie Restorations Inc. owns and operates a fleet of state of the art mowers, tractors, and other landscape management equipment. Our mowers are specially designed to reach under solar panels and greatly reduce the risk of equipment damage. We understand the value of solar arrays and by using the proper tools for the job, we can ensure that your property is in safe hands.


Management Plans

No two landscapes are the same and we at Prairie Restorations, Inc. are experts at tailoring our strategies to your specific site. We provide a detailed site-specific management plan including but not limited to management approach, techniques, schedule, and long-term management details. Using Integrated Plant Management practices, we are able to control undesirable species while allowing native species to flourish.


Expert Staff

Our staff is highly trained in operating landscape management equipment and in the unique skillsets required for managing a solar array project. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of all personnel involved as well as the solar equipment on site. Each project is assigned a site manager who oversees the installation and management of that individual site.


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