• Bringing people together with the land since 1977

Our Mission

To produce and provide the most ecologically appropriate seeds, plants, products, and services and to utilize them to restore and manage native plant communities.

    Our History

    Prairie Restorations, Inc. was founded in 1977 as one of the first companies in the nation devoted exclusively to designing, restoring, and managing native prairie plant communities. Since then, we’ve grown from three employees in a single location to a full-time staff of over 85 employees in six locations throughout Minnesota.

    While our mission has not changed, our scope has. We are not just about prairies anymore, we have expanded our expertise and our services to encompass restoring wetland, woodland, and shoreline plant communities.

    Our Locations

    We have multiple locations around Minnesota to service just about any site in the state and surrounding areas. We also have garden centers open to the public in our Princeton, Cloquet, and Scandia, MN locations.

    To learn more about our garden centers, click below

    Historic Natural Vegetation

    Our goal at Prairie Restorations, Inc, is to identify the appropriate plant community for every property we restore. We use historic land surveys, along with many other tools, to determine your property’s historic native vegetation type. These surveys give us the best possible idea of what your land would have looked like before human settlement. 

    Plants exhibit genetic variation throughout their range. Over time, a species will adapt to its locale to adapt to that particular climate’s conditions. We guarantee that as much as possible, seed for your project will have been collected within 200 miles of your site, ensuring historical accuracy and that the plants selected for your property will be genetically adapted to your particular conditions and that it will thrive in your restored ecosystem. 

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