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CST D48-100
CST D48-100
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CST D48-100
CST D48-100

Carex stricta (Tussock sedge) 6-pack


Tussock sedge Description:

Carex stricta, commonly known as tussock sedge or upright sedge, is a species of perennial sedge plant in the Cyperaceae family that is native to North America. It is found in a variety of wetland habitats such as marshes, fens, and swamps throughout much of the United States and Canada.

The plant typically grows up to 5 feet in height, with tufted or clumping stems and narrow, green leaves that are slightly rough to the touch. It produces small, inconspicuous flowers that are clustered together in spikelets that emerge in mid-summer. The flowers are followed by small, dark-colored seeds.

Carex stricta is an important component of wetland ecosystems, providing habitat and food for a variety of wildlife, including birds, small mammals, and insects. Its dense root system helps to stabilize soil and prevent erosion, while also aiding in water filtration and nutrient uptake.

In addition to its ecological importance, Carex stricta is also valued as an ornamental plant for its attractive foliage and ability to grow in wet or boggy areas. It is often used in wetland and prairie restoration projects, as well as in garden settings as a ground cover or border plant. It can also be used in green infrastructure systems for stormwater management and riparian buffer zones to prevent runoff and protect water quality.

Native Range:

Tussock sedge is mostly found growing in central and Eastern United States. In Minnesota, Tussock sedge can be found statewide with few exceptions.

Standard Plant Information:

Plant height: 2' - 5'

Fruiting time: June

Preferred habitat: Does well in full sun and wet soil. Often found in marshes, swamps, bogs, meadows, along shores, and in wet ditches.

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Six Pack Live Plant: 
Six individual plugs of an individual plant species. Each plant cell is approx. 1.7 x 1.5 x 2.25 with a varying height of plant growth on top.  
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