Stop weeds in your native restoration project!

Weeds are a common problem when trying to get your restoration project established. It might seem like you're fighting a never ending battle with them, but there is hope! By ensuring that you are using several grass species in your project will greatly help to prevent weeds from showing up. Nat...

Why you need plants in your native restoration project!
You shouldn't rely solely on seed for your project because it lacks species diversity and generally requires some sort of stratification before it will properly germinate! This means that including live plants in your initial project will help your project to...
Native Gardening in Urban Areas 
There are many native plants in Minnesota that are well-suited for urban gardens or container gardening. Of course, when selecting native plants for your urban garden
Asclepias syriaca: Common Milkweed
Asclepias syriaca, also known as Common Milkweed, is a valuable plant that can be found throughout Minnesota and the United States. This plant is not only beautiful with its clusters of pink-purple flowers but also plays a vital role in the ecosystem.
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