Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)
Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)

Dalea villosa (Silky prairie clover)


Silky prairie clover Description:

Dalea villosa, commonly known as Silky Prairie Clover, is a herbaceous, perennial plant species native to North America. It belongs to the legume family and is found in the prairie habitat. The plant has a woody base and upright stems, which generally grow to 18" inches tall.

The leaves of Dalea villosa are silvery-green and consist of three leaflets, each about 1 inch long. The leaves and stems are covered in fine hairs, which give the plant a silky texture. The flowers of Dalea villosa are small, ranging in color from pink to purple, and are arranged in dense, rounded clusters at the top of the stems. The flowers bloom from June to August and are pollinator-friendly, attracting bees and butterflies.

Dalea villosa is drought-tolerant and has the ability to fix nitrogen, making it an important species for soil stabilization in prairies. It is commonly used in prairie restoration and in native landscaping, as it provides both aesthetic and ecological benefits.

Native Range:

Silky prairie clover has a native range in the United states that spans from Montana down the central portion of the country to Texas. 

Standard Plant Information:

Plant Height: 12" - 18' 

Bloom Time: July - August

Preferred Habitat: Does well in full sun with dry sand soils, often found in prairies.

Stratification: NA, S

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