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Local Ecotype

The origin of seeds and plants used in restoration is an important factor to consider. There can be significant variation within a species. Over time, species adapt to the climate, season length, soils, and other conditions. Local ecotype seeds and plants are important to the success of your project and to unique plant diversity that supports healthy wildlife and pollinator habitat

Make sure you consider the source of the seed and plants used in your restoration and use local ecotype whenever possible. The authenticity of species and the origin of seeds and plants are at the heart of restoration efforts.

We grow all of our seedlings and produce our seed at our own farms where original seed was sourced from nearby remnant prairies, guaranteeing the genetic origin of our products.

Nobody cares more or does more to produce authentic local ecotype.

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We provide seed as individual species or in mixes. Our standard seed mixes are each designed to suit specific site conditions, regions, or design considerations. Each of these has a corresponding grass and wildflower mix which are often, but not always used together. These mixes can be supplemented with additional species or custom seed mixes can be created for a showier or more diverse planting.

Project goals, budget, site conditions, and project location are all important factors in determining the mix components. Please contact us for help in formulating the optimum seed mixes for your project.

About Pure Live Seed (PLS)

PLS is a way of measuring the percentage of seed that is viable within a given bulk quantity of seed. The purity and germination percentages are multiplied, then divided by 100 to produce the PLS percentage. One PLS pound of seed will have a higher bulk weight because of non-viable components such as chaff and immature seed. All of our seed undergoes testing for purity and germination and is sold as Pure Live Seed (PLS). 

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We produce a beautiful and helpful product catalog every year. We make it available in both digital and physical formats. You can use the button below to download the digital copy now, or you can request a physical one by filling out the form on this page. We know you’ll find this helpful as it is full of great information! 

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