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    Offering consultation, installation, and management services nationwide.

Commercial Services Overview

Prairie Restorations, Inc. is a full-service company, offering consultation, installation, and management services for your commercial restoration project.

Each restoration project is assigned a project manager who will guide all operations and answer any questions you have regarding your restoration. Our highly mobile, adaptable, and creative team always seeks to find practical solutions and provide positive results. Our installers have hands-on experience and detailed knowledge of the wide range of plant and seed materials we produce.

No project is too small or big. We are ready and willing to tackle large, complex restorations. Please schedule a consultation to discuss how our services can help make your restoration project a success.

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Corporate Restorations

Many Midwest businesses – large and small – have worked with the natural landscape professionals at Prairie Restorations, Inc. to bring a touch of nature to their corporate landscapes. Whether urban or rural, native plant restorations help contribute to the greening of our landscape and benefit the environment in many ways. Grasses, wildflowers, trees, and shrubs native to our region are being restored through these important landscape projects. Native landscaping is also increasingly popular amongst solar companies.




Prairie Restorations has worked consistently with many municipalities, school districts, and agencies such as the DNR. With these organizations, we have designed, installed, and managed thousands of acres of native plant communities throughout the Upper Midwest. By protecting healthy landscapes where they exist and restoring them where they have been degraded or destroyed, we are helping to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy and experience their natural heritage.

Wetland & Shoreline Restorations

Restoring native landscapes along lakeshores, ponds, streams, and rivers is a crucial part of protecting our aquatic ecosystems. Native plants have deep root systems which help prevent erosion, mitigate damage from flooding events, and filter drainage to help keep our lakes and rivers clean. We have a tremendous amount of experience with these types of projects.

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Management Services

Native landscapes have lower costs than turf or traditional landscapes, making them not only beautiful but practical too. However, they do require maintenance to be their best. This is especially true during the establishment period, roughly the first three years for most projects.

Our management services ensure your project has the best chance of long-term success. With our in-depth knowledge of the life cycles of both native and invasive plants and over 40 years of experience, Prairie Restorations can provide the proper maintenance to ensure the long-term success of your landscape.

Even if we did not install your native landscape we are happy to evaluate your site and develop a management strategy. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our management specialists.

Integrated Plant Management

During the growing season, our crews can visit your site on a regular basis to conduct the appropriate methods of control for unwanted non-native or invasive species such as buckthorn. By using a combination of techniques, including spot mowing, selective herbicide treatment, and hand weeding, our crews can discourage the growth of invasives while allowing the natives to flourish.


Prescribed burning is an extremely useful tool in the management of many types of native landscapes. Many plant community types are fire-dependent and thrive when they are burned periodically. Proper planning, permitting, timing, safety, equipment, and implementation are all critical when conducting prescribed burns. Our staff has the experience, training, and equipment needed to conduct your burn safely and effectively.


Although native landscapes do not need regular mowing like turf, mowing is a useful tool in maintaining native landscapes. Mowing in the dormant season can hasten the breakdown of biomass, and mowing during the first growing season can control annual weeds while the tiny native seedlings develop. We can provide mowing for projects of any size using flail mowers and other equipment designed to mulch plant material that breaks down quickly. We are able to handle any job, including mowing under delicate solar arrays!

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