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Consider using Woodland Sod Flats in your landscape

Woodland Sod Flats are an economical way to restore your shady area. They are 1.42 square feet (10” x 20.5”) jammed full of a mixture of grasses, sedges and flowers for shade ranging from 1 to 3 feet high. Sod flats include Kalm’s brome, Dewey’s sedge, Graceful sedge, Long-beaked sedge, Bottlebrush grass, Many-flowered woodrush, Columbine, Large-leaved aster, Bishop’s cap, Virginia waterleaf, Woodland phlox, Zig zag goldenrod, Lindley’s aster, Calico aster, and Early meadow rue. When planting sod flats, they can easily be pulled apart to cover a larger area, giving plants more room and getting more bang for your buck.

Nancy Linden
Woodland Greenhouse Manager
Princeton, MN

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