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Why Minnesota Commercial Property Owners Should Consider Native Landscaping

If you’re at all familiar with our company, you may already know that we have done landscaping with native plants for a variety of installations – all the way from residential to governmental to corporate properties. In this article we’d like to focus on the advantages and benefits of restoring at least a portion of the land surrounding commercial buildings with native plant species. This category includes such diverse things as grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and even trees.

Centra Care Health Plaza, St. Cloud MN

Of course, an important reason any property owner chooses landscaping is to add to the look of a building and its surrounding property.

Yes, sometimes it’s to camouflage or provide shade, but visual appeal is very important. We have so many different Minnesota native plant species to work with that finding a mix that enhances a property isn’t difficult. But there are a number of other benefits to be gained when you choose native landscaping for corporate or other commercial properties.

The Benefits and Advantages of Landscaping with Minnesota Native Plants

Native plants are eco-friendly. More and more business owners around our state are making changes to their properties that result in a greener space, a more environmentally friendly presence. Landscaping with plants that are native to our area creates a more sustainable landscape. And since native plant species require very little in the way of additional water, that’s another sustainability feature.

Additionally, you can opt for native plant rain gardens to manage storm water run-off. Rain garden installations filter sediment and pollution and substantially reduce the amount that makes its way into our lakes and rivers.

Native plants require very little in the way of maintenance. One of the easiest ways to make a substantial cut in your landscape maintenance budget is to convert large sections of turf grass into native prairie or other native plant gardens. Once the installation of native species is completed, you can arrange for one of our integrated plant management (IPM) teams to handle the occasional weed control needed. You see, weed seeds can lie dormant in soil for years, and once the ground is disturbed, those weed seeds can germinate. But our trained IPM field crews will aggressively target those invaders to eliminate them.

Native plants provide a habitat for local wildlife. Studies have shown that employees who work in an environment where they are surrounded with nature are more satisfied and productive. So imagine having a corporate campus that’s teeming with songbirds and butterflies! You can expect a wide variety of other wildlife to visit your property when you provide native plants they find cover beneath or prefer for food sources. Visitors and staff alike will be refreshed when they walk by or look out the window.

Visit our project gallery to get an up-close look at some of our past commercial native landscaping installation projects. We’d love to talk to you about doing the same thing for your property! Call us today at 1-800-837-5986.