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There Are Benefits to Landscaping with Minnesota Native Plants Even in the Winter

Whenever we talk about restoring a section of land with plants, trees, and shrubs that are native to the Minnesota area we’re working with, most people picture wildflowers in full bloom and prairie grasses swaying in the breeze. Or maybe it’s seed heads in the fall. But did you know that even in winter the advantages of native plant species abound?

Mountain Ash (sorbus decora) in winter

One major advantage that you get from landscaping with Minnesota native plant species is their hardy resistance to our winter climate conditions. Plants that are native to other regions struggle during the severe cold and heavy snow. Without mulching and special care, they might not even return in the spring.

But plants native to this area will thrive despite the cold. They have adapted to grow in our winter conditions and will do so without the struggle other species would face. And when the weather warms up, they will emerge and thrive again, all without needing much in the way of human care.

And what’s more, they will provide some added benefits that non-native plant species won’t.

Certain native Minnesota species – such as the mountain ash – hold their berries all winter, providing some bright color as well as needed nutrition for birds and animals.

Tall grass prairies create shelter for wildlife. Stands of dry wildflowers with their seed heads poking up above the snow offer food for birds and and animals. Evergreen trees such as the balsam fir, red cedar and white pine also provide refuge for birds and small animals as well as food. Plus because their foliage remains year round, they also break up blowing snow.

So if you’re considering restoring part of your property with Minnesota native plant species, we’d like you to know that you’ll enjoy the benefits all year round. We’d love to start planning your restoration project now so your plants will be well established by next winter. Call us today at 1-800-837-5986 to speak with one of our design staff to get things going! We’ll evaluate your property and then give you a detailed plan with our recommendations as to particular plant, tree, and shrub species that will flourish in your area in every season.