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Spring is coming…

It was -9 below zero this morning, the snow drifts are waist deep in some places, but believe it or not, the spring rush has already begun in the PRI products department. In our greenhouses tiny seedlings are beginning to sprout, soaking up the sun and enjoying 70 degree temperatures, protected from the freezing cold by a mere thin sheet of plastic. In just a few short weeks, crews will start hand transplanting each of these seedlings into its own container for resale, a process that will be performed over 250,000 times here in Princeton before the summer is over!

In the warehouse, the new crop of approximately 30,000 pounds of grasses and 25,000 ounces of forbs must all be weighed, tested and squeezed into what little space we have remaining. Once that is completed we will go immediately into the 2-3 week task of stocking our retail stores with new seed for 2019. The goal is to have all this accomplished before the snow has melted and our services division is needing seed for their spring seeding projects. Late winter can be a pretty hectic time on the products side of things at PRI but, on the plus side, spring is coming!

Mark Johnson
Seed Operations Assistant
Princeton, MN

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