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…Same, but Different…

This is my 22nd year at Prairie Restorations, Inc. I can finally say that the years are starting to gel together. Time goes by one day at a time and, without even thinking about it, it has been twenty-two years.

During my time working with native landscapes, I’ve really come to appreciate their variability. Each year there can be significant variations in a landscape all influenced by a combination of factors including weather, predation, human influences, etc…One year, there can be an exorbitant amount of Fragrant giant hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) and the next, very little. Another great example is a patch of Sand reed grass (Calamovifa longifolia) that I know of well. It has been “dormant” for the past couple of years and then this year, all of a sudden, it was there again. An unknown combination of factors came together that caused it to flourish this year. It’s part of the same natural landscape, but this year the landscape has a different character due to the presence of sand reed grass, among other things.

It’s fascinating to observe how these landscapes develop and adapt from year to year – they are the same, but different…

Bob Huffman
Warehouse Operations Manager
Princeton, MN