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What To Do About All That Rain

Last week’s (9/20) major rain event soaked large portions of Minnesota in 4 – 6 inches of rainfall over the course of a few hours, and likely has left many people wondering what to do about their stormwater management. Rain gardens are one of the many methods we use and promote at Prairie Restorations to manage rainfall. As a management method, rain gardens are both ecologically friendly (by allowing rainwater to infiltrate on site and providing habitat for organisms) and aesthetically pleasing. Because rain gardens capture the precipitation of a large area via rain gutters and slope changes, they stay wetter longer and can sustain native plants that would not often be found outside of a wet meadow or shoreline! If your property is typically dry, but you’ve always dreamed of having Swamp Milkweed and Obedient Plant in your yard, a rain garden might be what you are looking for!

We here at the Two Oaks location have been managing the growth of many rain garden installations from previous years and are currently in the process of seeding and planting many more. It is a joy to see the plants flourish and hear from homeowners and property managers about how the rain gardens have effectively contained their stormwater and added beauty to their properties.

Below are links to common rain garden plants and information on Prairie Restorations rain garden projects –

Katie Petzel
Assistant Project Manager
Two Oaks office in Scandia

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