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What Goes On at Our Various Minnesota Native Landscaping Locations

Our Midwest native landscaping company consists of more than just one location.  In fact, throughout the state of Minnesota we have six separate facilities. While they each have the capability to provide the same services, their focus and primary function tends to vary, depending on the need.

For example, just west of Duluth we have our Boreal Natives facility.  This location produces seeds and plants that are native to northeastern Minnesota as well as northwestern Wisconsin. Another one of the main functions here is producing all of trees and shrubs that our company uses and sells.  These might find their way into many of our restoration projects, but they are also made available for sale in our three retail stores (Princeton, Scandia, and Duluth).

Over the last three or four years, the services side of our Boreal Natives location has been focused mainly on stream bank restoration projects.  Several years ago heavy rains in the Duluth area resulted in major flooding, causing substantial erosion of many local rivers and streams. To help procure the necessary dollars to restore these areas, grants were applied for by various local government agencies.  Ultimately, many grants were awarded and restoration projects were designed and put out to bid.  Fortunately, our Boreal Natives office has been able to participate on a large number of these projects in Duluth and across northeastern Minnesota.

The Princeton facility does a lot of shore and stream bank restorations as well.  With the Clean Water Fund money and all the different public monies available, certain water districts apply for grants and get money to help lakeshore owners with eroding and failing banks.  (Throughout all the state, all of our offices work on those types of projects to one degree or another). Native plants are installed to stabilize these banks and create healthy buffers that protect our waters from pollutants.

Another good example is the current focus of both our Scandia and Watertown facilities on native planting projects under solar arrays.  In the last two years, the big push for clean energy, coupled with the reduced cost for solar materials, has resulted in unprecedented growth in the solar industry.  Thankfully, forward thinking individuals saw a tremendous opportunity to create valuable pollinator habitat within these solar arrays.  Laws were passed encouraging solar developers to install these beneficial landscapes in lieu of gravel or turf grass.

This has become a true win-win.  Clean energy with coupled with low maintenance, environmentally friendly native pollinator habitat.

Watch for our upcoming blog posts where we’ll talk about installation projects and touch on more location-specific activities.








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