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Minnesota – The State with Three Biomes

As I take a college course on biomes, I am reminded of the uniqueness that is Minnesota’s natural environment. We are fortunate to live in a state that has three different biomes, which is apparently unusual if you don’t have any mountains. Our biomes are the cool, coniferous boreal biome of the northeast, the open, windy prairie biome in southwest Minnesota, and sandwiched in between, the bright and varied fall colors in the deciduous woods biome. Add to that the 10,000+ lakes and wetlands that dot the state, and we have a large amount of unique and beautiful habitats to enjoy and appreciate. I am always impressed by homeowners’, companies’, and public entities’ dedication to restoring and preserving the natural environment. I get to see this every day when I am walking local trails in my off time and at work here at Prairie Restorations. Let us continue to appreciate and help the unique biomes and habitats of Minnesota flourish, and get outside and enjoy them as much as possible!

Jenny Hengel
Administrative Assistant
Sales & Training Associate
Princeton, MN