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Life in a Prairie

frog & monarda IIThere’s more to a prairie than just its plants. If you ever walk through a prairie, you will notice there is tons of life to be seen. Just stand still among the flowers and grasses to see the life in a prairie unfold.

Soon you will see the busy little bumble bees pollinating away. The beautiful butterflies sipping nectar among the purple blazing star flowers. The tree frogs awaiting patiently atop a leaf for their insect meal to pass by. The rabbits darting about trying to keep hidden. The birds fluttering about collecting seeds and insects for their young. The deer bedded down taking an afternoon rest. And no, prairie life does not stop there. Just move about the prairie and wait – you will see the new life unfolding right in front of you.

Ashley Beavens
Management Crew
Scandia, MN