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Just a Few Benefits Minnesota Commercial Property Owners Can Get from Native Plant Landscaping

Often landscaping is at the bottom of the list for owners of commercial properties. But we’d like to encourage property owners to move it a little further up the list and to consider converting at least part of the area surrounding their buildings to native plants, shrubs, and trees. In return, there are some great benefits.

Here are just a things corporate or other commercial property owners can realize when they convert at least part of their property to native plant landscaping.

  • Reduced cost for maintenance. Native plants require very little in the way of care. They are naturally weed-resistant and since they’ve adapted to our climate conditions, watering is rarely required. Converting sections of turf grass to native grasses and wildflowers also means eliminating mowing expenses. And once the native restoration project is established, control of invasive species is minimal.
  • Possible financial or tax incentives from local entities. Though it’s not widespread, there are programs in certain areas. Some of them are residential only, while others are for any parcel. For example, Eden Prairie has a landscaping rebate program for water conservation landscaping that includes at least 75% native species.
  • Aesthetic benefits. Not every benefit is monetary. Native plant restoration projects result in areas that are attractive to wildlife. Imagine a corporate campus alive with song birds and butterflies! And since we use a mix of plants and grasses in projects, the color you’ll get is a mix instead of a monotone green.
  • Environmental benefits. Eliminating the need for herbicides means you’ll be reducing your contribution to water pollution. In fact, if you opt for installation of rain gardens in wet areas, you can even help reduce pollution in water run-off.
  • Happier employees. Here’s a benefit that can’t be underestimated: employee morale. Studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when surrounded with a pleasant physical atmosphere.

Want to find out more about how corporate or other commercial property owners can benefit from native plant landscaping? Contact us today – we’d be happy to start with an evaluation of your property and then discuss our suggestions with you.