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Interview with Mike Evenocheck, Director of Sales & Marketing at Our Native Landscaping Company

Mike Evenocheck 

Editor’s Note: With fall just around the corner, change is definitely in the air.  There are also some changes at our Midwest native landscaping company.  We recently talked with PRI’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Mike Evenocheck, and he brought us up to date on some of the exciting things happening in our company


Interviewer:  It seems like PRI is periodically adding new services or working in a new industry. What is Prairie Restorations up to this year?  Is there something new?

Mike:  Yes, we are very excited to announce that we have purchased and opened a new location down in Lewiston, Minnesota. 

Interviewer:  Can you give us some of benefits of having another location? PRI already has six of them. Will this one be different from the existing ones?

Mike:  In order to meet the demand for the types of services that we provide, we thought it was important to add another location. Many of our existing sites are at capacity and are unable to take on additional work – at least during certain times of the year.  We want to be able to help as many clients as possible and also maintain great customer service, responding to our clients’ needs in a timely manner.

With another site, we are able to absorb some of the workload at other locations and also have more of a local presence in SE Minnesota.  Our new site is in the small town of Lewiston, located about 30 miles east of Rochester. From this location, we will be able to efficiently provide services to southeast Minnesota, including Rochester, parts of western Wisconsin, and northeastern Iowa. 

Officially, the Lewiston site is going to be open for business shortly after Labor Day. Crews are already starting to assemble and new equipment is being delivered.  We’re very excited to hit the ground running.

Interviewer:  Well, that’s exciting.  It gets you out of the office, doesn’t it?

Mike:  Not me so much anymore, but others, yes. 

Interviewer: Did you build new structures?

Mike: We purchased an existing building in town. I was an implement dealership. I don’t think there is going to be a whole lot of retrofitting that’s needed, at least initially.  I think it’s something we can just move into and start using. 


We are really excited to get our new Lewiston location up and running. We’re looking forward to expanding our native landscape restoration and land management services into areas in the southern part of Minnesota as well as adjacent parts of Iowa and western Wisconsin.  Watch our blog for updates, and follow us on Facebook for more news. 

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