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Collecting Tree Seed At Boreal Natives

During the fall of my third year with Boreal Natives, we are putting a big emphasis on tree seed collecting. We are travelling out to a wide range of biomes across northern Minnesota & Wisconsin to collect different species of deciduous trees (Acer saccharinum, Acer saccharum, Betula alleghaniensis, & Betula papyrifera) and conifers (Larix laricina, Picea glauca, Picea mariana, Pinus resinosa, & Pinus strobus). Our goal is to collect seed from multiple sources in order to promote biodiversity and natural sustainability among each species.

The seed we collect is brought back to our nursery and used to grow containerized tree and shrub materials. These will be sold to retail customers or used on restoration projects by our crews. In some cases, the seed is also used on restoration projects that require direct seeding of woody species. Our Boreal Natives services crew will be working on such a project this fall, sowing the seed that we collected on a wetland reclamation project in northern Minnesota.

To accommodate the quantity of seed we collect, and to account for growing demand, we will be expanding our tree pad this October. The larger space will allow us to maintain a larger inventory and facilitate healthier growing conditions for our tree and shrub products!

Max Schmidt
Green House Assistant
Boreal Natives

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