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Life in a Prairie

frog & monarda IIThere’s more to a prairie than just its plants. If you ever walk through a prairie, you will notice there is tons of life to be seen. Just stand still among the flowers and grasses to see the life in a prairie unfold. Soon you will see the busy little bumble bees pollinating away. The beautiful butterflies sipping nectar among the purple blazing star flowers. The tree frogs awaiting patiently atop a leaf for their insect meal to pass by. The rabbits darting about trying to...

Woodland Editing & Buckthorn Removal in Cannon Falls, MN

We are wrapping up the last of our fall seeding and planting projects and are moving into our typical winter projects: buckthorn and invasive or undesirable tree and shrub control. Winter is a great time for this labor intensive work.  I often get asked if it is a problem to identify trees when they don’t have any leaves.  It really isn’t hard when you have done this year after year. I don’t know if there is a completely typical woodland project.  We tailor our plan and technique to each site. ...

Working for Prairie Restorations, Inc. Since 1996

I have worked for Prairie Restorations, Inc. since 1996 in both the Land Management Team and the Products Team.  I have wonderful memories of the remnant and restored habitats that I have been privileged to work on.  The biggest thing that have I learned from my experiences is that native species truly are remarkable.  I love working for Prairie Restorations, Inc. and the fact that I feel I am helping to make the world a better place.   Society as a whole hasn’t even scratched...