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Just a Few Benefits Minnesota Commercial Property Owners Can Get from Native Plant Landscaping

Often landscaping is at the bottom of the list for owners of commercial properties. But we’d like to encourage property owners to move it a little further up the list and to consider converting at least part of the area surrounding their buildings to native plants, shrubs, and trees. In return, there are some great benefits. Here are just a things corporate or other commercial property owners can realize when they convert at least part of their property to...

Why Minnesota Commercial Property Owners Should Consider Native Landscaping

If you’re at all familiar with our company, you may already know that we have done landscaping with native plants for a variety of installations – all the way from residential to governmental to corporate properties. In this article we’d like to focus on the advantages and benefits of restoring at least a portion of the land surrounding commercial buildings with native plant species. This category includes such diverse things as grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and even trees. Centra Care Health...