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Buckthorn Overspray Season

While most people keep track of the year in seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) I tend to break the year down into seasons based on the work we are doing at Prairie Restorations. Burn season, integrated plant management season (IPM), buckthorn overspray season, and buckthorn cutting season.

We are fast approaching buckthorn overspray season, or as most people call it, fall. Some of our offices may already have started spraying buckthorn or will be starting soon. I’ve been managing the woods at the Target Corporate Campus since I started working for PRI in 2013. Every year I’ve come to dread the days we have to go there to spray buckthorn. However, after taking a walk through the woods there late this IPM season (summer) I was pleasantly surprised. Our years of persistence has really paid off. While there are still some buckthorn seedlings, it is nothing compared to the horror I remember from 2013. I’m actually looking forward to going back to Target this year as I feel I’ve helped make a difference in the woods there and I want to finish seeing the project through!

So if you look at your woods and feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of buckthorn you have, give us a call! At PRI we will be sure to see your project through to the end and with the right tools and a lot of persistence you WILL see a difference! Just remember, buckthorn seeds can stay viable in the soil for up to 5 years so it can be a lengthy (but worthwhile) project.

Holly Skalak
Land Management Specialist
Princeton, MN