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Bringing People Together With The Land

Hello from the retail store in Scandia! As we move into the new season here, it has been lot of fun to watch throughout the years how our prairie around the building has matured. Our customers enjoy it as well; when they come in and tell us after walking past “that is what I want my yard to be!”

From the beginners to the people who’ve been at it awhile, it’s great to talk with them about their experiences and hear about what is working and what isn’t. For those we see on an annual basis, it is very interesting to hear how their projects are progressing. They are persistent in trying new species, adding in what they love which in turn benefits the birds and pollinators.

With native landscapes, there is pleasure in seeing and even feeling the bloom changes that occur throughout the season. From the hopeful early spring ephemerals to the quiet, late summer beauty of grasses waving in the breeze. It is a win-win for all. It is rewarding to really live our company motto of “bringing people together with the land.”

Dolly Swanson
Store Manager, Two Oaks Retail