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Bringing People Together With The Land

As an employee of PRI for over two years now, I have heard and seen our slogan, “bringing people together with the land” many times. Not only is it catchy and on the bottom of all of my email signatures, but it is also rather fitting for a company like ours. I have never really stopped to think about it until the other day while I was working in my own little prairie at home. Last year, my wife and I decided to replace a small flower bed in the middle of our front yard with a pollinator friendly, all native prairie planting. At first our neighbors were curious why I was ripping out beautiful hostas and daylilies only to cover the same spot with a blanket of straw.

This year our little native spot is full of life with many grasses and forbs coming to life with the warm temperatures. My wife, who is in the health care industry, has enjoyed learning about all of the species that we planted and what colors they will bloom. My neighbors walk by and stop to ask what is growing this year. It never fails, everyone always stops and bends down to get a closer look at the ecosystem within my 200 square foot native prairie in the middle of town. In the case of my yard, PRI has truly helped to bring people together with the land.

Jacob Anderson
Director of Products