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Managing Solar Vegetation

As the number of solar panels being installed continues to grow throughout the Upper Midwest, so do the pollinator-friendly prairies below them. This has given us the opportunity to install and maintain native prairies on an ever-growing scale. Prairie Restorations has made a large effort to ramp up in order to care for this newly restored land. New positions have been created and new, specialized equipment has been allocated to a number of PRI offices in order to keep up with the demand for this growing portfolio of work.

Personally, my focus has shifted towards managing these pollinator friendly landscapes. I spend most of my working hours on solar sites and I enjoy watching the landscapes grow and change throughout the seasons. It is rewarding to be a part of a growing movement that has and will continue to have a healthy, positive impact on our environment. It has been a very eventful year and I look forward to the future will bring!

Jimmy Barnett
Solar Vegetation Manager
Scandia Office

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